Manufacturer's Forum

Manufacturer's Forum

Manufacturer's Forum

 Manufacturers’ Forum is a group of technical representatives of manufacturers, suppliers, representatives of a network element or a group of network elements, and concerned members of Telecom Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (TEMA), and other associations, etc.

Manufacturers’ Forum is constituted for a specific network element (e.g.modem, router) or a system comprising interconnected network elements (e.g.,WiMAX System, or GPON System), as per the requirement.

The forum is constituted and modified from time to time by the concerned DDG of the core group who is the Convener of the concerned forum.

Function of Manufacturer’s Forum (MF):

MF is responsible for furnishing relevant technical information for the concerned equipment.

Working of Manufacturer’s Forum:

  • Meetings of Manufacturers’ Forum are convened whenever new specifications are formulated or existing specifications are revised.
  • DFC are sent to all members either directly and/or through their associations at least 2 weeks before meeting. Manufacturers’ Forum is convened at least 3 weeks before DCC meeting.
  • In every meeting all DFCs, along with other associated information, are discussed.
  • Member or an alternate member, present in a meeting, shall represent his/her organization, and his/her opinion is treated as final as of his/her organization.
  • All members are expected to come prepared for meetings. They are also expected to send their comments on the document, well in advance to help arrive at conclusions in the meeting.
  • Convener of the Forum compile the comments of members and put them up to the DCC.
  • All meeting notices of the Manufacturers’ Forum are also sent to DCC and DCC Sub-committee members so that they may be able to participate if required.
  • If required, a combined meeting of the DCC Sub-committee and Manufacturers’ Forum can be convened.