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Telecommunication Engineering Centre

TEC is a technical body representing the interest of Department of Telecom, Government of India. TEC is committed to develop Standards and Specifications for cutting-edge technologies in Telecommunication and related ICT systems to be deployed in India and to promote development/ upgradation of ubiquitous, resilient and state-of-the-art quality infrastructure by testing and certification.

TEC is committed to facilitate Department of Telecommunications in formulation of public policies for emerging technologies in Telecommunication and related ICT sector to transform India into a safe, secure and inclusive digital society in accordance with the objectives of National Digital Communication Policy (NDCP) 2018.

TEC shall fulfill its commitments through proactive approach, stakeholders’ consultations, knowledge sharing, skill development as well as collaboration with national and international standardisation and certification bodies. TEC shall endeavour to promote cross-sector standardisation for effective use of Telecom & related ICT systems, which are Standards compliant and interoperable. TEC shall also endeavour to continually improve its processes.

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