Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT)


Work Responsibilities:

  • IT Division  deals with  emerging technologies such as  Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, Data Centres, etc.

  • Information Technology (IT) Division is responsible for framing the Generic Requirements (GR)/ Interface Requirements (IR)/ Service Requirements (SR)/  Standards (SD)/ Essential Requirements (ER) and associated Test Schedule & Testing Procedures (TSTP) for Routing devices (Routers in Core, Edge & Access Network), Ethernet/ IP switching devices (layer 2 Switches & Layer 3 Switches), Storage devices, Servers, Network Security products (Firewall, IPS, and IDS & UTM), Clock and timing Synchronization equipment and other networks devices. All these are main elements of Telecom Network.

  • IT Division  deals with standardization requirements for latest technologies like Virtualization, SDN, NFV, and Cloud Computing. Standardization and Testing of these technologies is essential for the evolution of automated Next Generation Networks, which form the underlying infrastructure for the applications/ use cases of 5G and future Internet of Things.

  • In addition to the above core technology related works, IT division is also handling IT services related project works such as LAN Upgradation work, Website development and maintenance, Intranet of TEC, Wi-Fi network of TEC.

Other Activities:

  • IT projects in TEC towards the goal of e-Governance.
  • Participation in various IPv6 related activities organized by DoT.
  • Coordination for TEC activities related to ITU-T SG 9.
  • Conversion of existing TEC specifications into Standards.
  • Allocation of International Signaling Point (ISP) Code.