Telecom Security (TS)

Telecom Security (TS)

Telecom Security Assurance (TSA)

Work Responsibilities

  • Telecom Security(TS) division has the responsibility of operation of NGN Transport lab, IPv6 Ready lab. IPv6 Ready logo lab is one of its kind and TEC has unique recognition for setting up of this lab as only 5 other labs in the world have this recognition.
  • TS division is also entrusted with the task of setting up a Telecom Security Test lab in TEC, New Delhi.

Other Activities

  • IPv6 Conformance and interoperability testing as per IPv6 Ready Logo test specifications.
  • Examination of test results as per IPv6 Ready Logo standards and procedures.
  • Review of examination results of other IPv6 Ready logo accredited labs.
  • Conformance testing of various L2 to L3 protocols as per international standards.
  • Functional testing of L4 to L7 protocols including VoIP protocols.
  • Setting up of Telecom Security Test Lab and other studies pertaining to Security domain.
  • Preparation of Study papers / White Papers on Telecom Security related issues.