DCC Sub-Committee

DCC Sub-Committee

DCC Sub-Committee

 Each DCC has a DCC Sub-committee for dealing with specific subjects and creating draft documents. DCC Sub-Committee is a group of working-level experts drawn from service-providers, associations, and Director level officers of DoT/TEC. Each DCC member nominates a member for DCC Sub-Committee. Any other known experts can also be in the Sub-committee. Concerned DDG approves the formation of DCC Sub-Committee.

DCC Sub-Committee discuss as TEC draft and carry out necessary modifications to evolve DFC documents. Wherever required, interdisciplinary Groups of TEC are included or consulted. Director of the TEC Core Group is the Convener and steers the proceedings of the sub-committee.

DCC Sub-committee create draft documents in line with the vision and direction provided by the DCC.

Functions of Sub-DCC:

DCC Sub-Committee is responsible to work on draft document in the prescribed manner. It carries out modifications in TEC Drafts, prepare Liaison Statements with respect to inter-division comments, review GRs/IRs/SRs and DFCs, and submit the documents to the DCC for its consideration.

Liaison Statements are replied in one sitting itself.

Working of Sub-DCC:

  • Meetings of DCC Sub-Committee takes place monthly, unless there are no pending Liaison Statements or documents to be prepared. Meeting can be convened earlier also, if required.
  • Minor modifications to clauses of existing document that may require urgent disposal are also circulated at least 7 days before the meeting.
  • In every meeting all TEC Drafts, along with other associated information (such as comments of MF and DFC Group), are discussed.
  • Member or an alternate member, present in a meeting, represent his/her organization, and his/her opinion is treated as final as of his/her organization.
  • All members are expected to come prepared for meetings. They are also expected to send their comments on the document, well in advance to help arrive at conclusions in the meeting.
  • Convener of the meeting puts up the minutes of the meeting, along with DFC, to the concerned DDG.
  • Comments of DFC Group and Manufacturers’ Forum on DFC arevfinally compiled in the Pre-DCC draft for final approval.
  • Any specific issues requiring interaction with or seeking clarifications or guidance from other DCC Sub-Committees shall be sent as Liaison Statements to other DCC Sub-Committees. If required, a representative may attend concerned DCC Sub-Committee’s next meeting to present the Liaison Statement. Liaison Statements are always the first documents to be taken up by any DCC Sub-Committee in its next meeting.
  • The Convener of each Sub-DCC is as follows
FA Division - Director(FA) IT Divison - Director(IT) MT Division - Director(MT)
FN Division - Director(FN) R Division - Director(R) NGS Division - Director(NGS)
T Division - Director(T)