Control Lab (CL)

Control Lab (CL)

Control Lab (CL)

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Role & Responsibilities of Control Lab:

  • To establish world class integrated Next Generation (NGN) Control lab.

Focus Areas:

  • To accept Device Under Test (DUT) offered by different clients from amongst manufactures, developers, configure into integrated test bed & subject them to conformance, performance & interoperability testing in accordance with National & International Standards.

Current Activities

  • Preparatory actions for setting up of Control Lab.

The Roles & Responsibilities of erstwhile Green Passport Lab have been transferred to Control Lab.

FUNCTIONS (pertaining to Green Passport Lab)

Green Passport division in TEC has been established with the objective of setting up Green Passport Lab for Standardization of Test Procedure and Certification of Telecom Equipment’s for Green Passport (GP).

  • Setting up of Green Passport Lab (Phase-1 & 2).

    Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) is in the process of setting up a state-of-art world class Green Passport Phase-I lab in first phase. This Lab is conceptualized as a test bed created by a host of Device Under Test (DUTs) offered by Telecom Equipment vendors connected in a network configuration for Energy Efficiency Testing of IP related equipment’s. In Phase-2 it will comprise Energy Efficiency Testing of GSM/BTS equipment’s. This testing shall require the utilization of an automated Integrated Power Analyzer with standard specifications and measurement methodology approved by TEC in such a manner that will facilitate automated energy consumption testing of all such IP related telecom equipment’s, GSM BTS Testing etc.

  • The GP Lab, as a part of its main task will accept equipment’s/devices offered by different vendors/manufactures/developers etc. and subject them to Energy Efficiency Testing in accordance with the standards, set by TEC. On completion of tests, TEC shall release test results and will also issue necessary certifications on the basis of energy consumption rating that will facilitate Green Passport certifications of such tested equipment and ; more and more Green Telecom Products usage in Indian Telecom Sector.
  • The Certificate issued by TEC or its authorized CABs (certified agencies) to indigenous manufactures/vendors shall give an impetus to deployment of Green products in industry and enable manufacturer to avail such green testing services in India. This will enhance competitiveness of Indian manufactures in the world market.

    There shall be a UNIFIED MANAGEMENT PLATFORM (UMP) built in this Power Analyzer with necessary T&M solution software programs integrated through which configuration, monitoring and management of various IP EQUIPMENTS and other related equipment’s (viz. IP Routers, Edge Routers, GPON, GEPON) etc. will be subjected as DUTs for Energy Efficiency power measurements and initiation/ running of various tests & measurements, receipt of test results, data from this integrated test instrument will result into report generation and other management functions shall be carried out. The complete management of the lab shall through this UMP using software developed and provided by the Supplier in appropriate language. The UMP shall also act as repository of the history sheet and software status of the entire T&M instrument including their updates and calibration details.

  • The general requirements for measuring energy efficiency are defined in ATIS-000015.2009. The following are the general conditions for measurements PHASE-II Equipment’s testing within the guidelines.
  • The equipment is to be powered and placed into the relevant operating mode.
  • Allow the equipment to stabilize in this mode for 15 minutes.
  • Measure the power for a period of 15 minutes.
  • If the power varies over the 15 minutes’ measurement time interval, an average of the measurement will be calculated

    Current Activities of the Division:

    TEC has brought out ECR document recently with guidelines on measurement metrics and measurement methodology for IP Routers and IP switches; TEC standards no. TEC/GL/TX/GT-001/01. Dec2014. TEC has also brought out standard technical specifications for procurement of standardised POWER METER Generic Requirement for Power Meter (DC, 0.5Hz to 100 KHz Single Phase) vide no. TEC/GR/TX/DCPM-001/01/MARCH 2015. In this context Project estimate FOR PHASE-I has been sanction.

Status of the Lab:Tenders for setting up of Green Passport Lab Phase-I at TEC New Delhi shall be invited soon.