Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest technical and professional organization with members in over 160 countries focusing on electrical, electronics, ICT and related technologies. The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is a global standardization body within IEEE which develop consensus-based electro-technical, electronic, information and communication technology (ICT) standards. The IEEE-SA is a leading developer of global standards covering a broad range of technologies and industries, including Power and Energy, Computer Technology (Design Automation and Cloud Computing), Communications (Wireless Networking), Transportation, as well as Smart Grid, Green Technology, Cybersecurity, and more. Presently, IEEE has more than 1200 standards and more than 600 standards are at various stage of development.

TEC has collaborative relationship with IEEE as TEC participates in the standardization activities of IEEE. Further, TEC has undertaken following activies under this association:

  • TEC nominees Mr Sudhir Bhandari, DDG (Standardization) TEC and Mr Premjit Lal, Director (Standardization) has been appointed as the primary and alternate members respectively on the IEEE-SA’s Standards Board (SASB) as part of the IEEE initiative under Government Engagement Program for Standards (GEPS). Under the GEPS programme, IEEE SA collaborates with members and stakeholders to advance global technologies, and interested stakeholders - including academia, civil society, governments, industry and organizations - who are actively engaged in IEEE SA’s standards development activities and processes.
  • A ‘Forum for Ethics in Standards’ has been created by the initiative of IEEE namely OCEANIS (Open Community for Ethics in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems). TEC has joined as the founding member of OCEANIS. DDG (Standardization) TEC and DDG (IOT) TEC are part of the steering committee of OCEANIS as primary and alternate members respectively.
  • TEC has taken subscription of IEEE Explore (Digital library of IEEE) for accessing the article, conference proceedings, standards etc. IEEE Xplore Digital library is a research database containing more than 5 million articles, journals, conferences, standards, e-books, educational courses to build research in diverse topics with special thrust on electronics and ICT field.