National Working Groups - FAQ


Q 1: What are the National Working Groups?

Ans: National Working Groups (NWGs) are groups formed in TEC corresponding to ITU Study Groups (SGs) for submitting the Indian contributions to International Telecommunication Union.


Q 2: Why should any organisation become member of the National Working Groups?

Ans: NWGs have the responsibility of submitting the contributions in ITU-T as Indian Contribution. Participation in this activity will aid in inclusion of Indian Standards in International Standardisation bodies and to compete in the global marketplace, unhindered by technical barriers.


Q 3: Who can participate in National Working Groups?

Ans: Any stakeholder, academia, industry association, startup or organisation with related area of interest can send their nomination to the Chairperson or Convenor of the concerned NWG for participation in the National Working Groups.


Q 4: How to submit contributions to ITU-T through the National Working Groups?

Ans: Any NWG member can identify the related Questions in ITU-T Study Group and has to present the draft contribution in NWG meetings. After discussion in NWG, the contribution will be finalised as per ITU template and subsequently only after due approval of competent authority the contribution will be submitted to ITU in respective Study Group meetings. The contribution will then be treated as an Indian contribution.


Q 5: Is it mandatory to become the member of National Working Group to submit the contribution in ITU-T?

Ans: The contribution will be treated as Indian contribution only when it is sent through NWG. Being member of NWG would facilitate in attending the meetings of the NWG, accessing contributions from others and helping in Indian contributions to the ITU-T.