Broadcasting Service

Study period : 2019-2023

NSG 6 Radiocommunication broadcasting, inclusion vision, sound, multimedia and data services principally intended for delivery to the general public.


The work of the Study Group includes the production and distribution of programmes (vision, sound, multimedia, data, etc.) as well as contribution circuits among studios, information gathering circuits (ENG, requirements for SNG, etc.), primary distribution to delivery nodes, and secondary distribution to consumers. The Study Group, recognizing that  radiocommunication broadcasting extends from the production of programmes to their delivery to the general public, studies those aspects related to production and radiocommunication end-to-end, including the international exchange of programmes as well as the overall quality of service.


Three Working Parties (WPs) carry out studies on Questions assigned to Study Group (SG) 6:

  • WP 6A Terrestrial broadcasting delivery
  • WP 6B Broadcast service assembly and access
  • WP 6C Programme production and quality assessment


A Task Group has been created to address a specific WRC agenda item:

  • Task Group 6/1 (TG 6/1) WRC-23 agenda item 1.5

Corresponding ITU-R Study Group: NSG 6
Management Group
Chairman Sh. MS Ansari, Addl. DG (E), All India Radio
Rapporteur Sh. Ashim Dutta, AWA, WPC
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