Radio wave propagation

Study period : 2019-2023

NSG 3 Propagation of radio waves in ionized and non-ionized media and the characteristics of radio noise, for the purpose of improving radiocommunication systems.


The following four Working Parties (WPs) carry out studies on the Questions assigned to Study Group (SG) 3:

  • WP 3J Propagation fundamentals
  • WP 3K Point-to-area propagation
  • WP 3L Ionospheric propagation and radio noise
  • WP 3M Point-to-point and Earth-space propagation


The principal aim of the Working Parties is to draft Recommendations in the ITU-R P-Series. The Working Parties also develop Handbooks that provide descriptive and tutorial material, especially useful for developing countries. An important task of the Working Parties is to provide, through Study Group 3, propagation information and advice to other ITU-R Study Groups in their preparation of the technical bases for Radiocommunication Conferences. Such information typically concerns identifying relevant propagation effects and mechanisms and providing propagation prediction methods. The predictions are needed for the design and operation of radiocommunication systems and services and also for the assessment of frequency sharing between them.

Corresponding ITU-R Study Group: NSG 3
Management Group
Chairman Sh. M.K. Pattanaik, Sr. DWA
Rapporteur Sh. Sachin Kumar, AWA
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