National Working Group-16

National Working Group-16

Multimedia and related digital technologies​

Study period : 2022-2024

Study Group 16 is responsible for studies relating to ubiquitous multimedia applications, multimedia capabilities for services and applications for existing and future networks, including the coordination of related studies across the various ITU-T SGs. It is the lead study group on multimedia coding, systems and applications; ubiquitous multimedia applications; telecommunication/ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities; human factors; intelligent transport system (ITS) communications; e-health; Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and digital signage; and e-services.

Corresponding ITU-T Study Group: SG16
Management Group
Chairperson Mr. Shashi Mohan,DDG(IT) TEC, DoT, New Delhi
Vice-Chair Prof. Brejesh Lall (Vice Chair-Academia), Mr. C.K. Chettiar (Vice Chair-Industry)
Convenor Mr. Jasvir Singh, Director(IT) TEC
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NWG 16 Meetings
  • First Meeting of NWG-16 - 20-07-2022
  • Second Meeting of NWG-16 - 23-08-2022
  • Third meeting of NWG-16 - 24-11-2022
  • Fourth Meeting of NWG-16 - 24-05-2023
  • Fifth Meeting of NWG-16 - 23-06-2023
  • Sixth Meeting of NWG-16 - 24-08-2023
  • Seventh Meeting of NWG-16 - 21-11-2023
  • Eighth Meeting of NWG-16 - 21-03-2024
Contributions No. Contributions date ITU-T Meeting Title Question Name of contributors
NWG-16-2023-0004 23-05-2023 Meeting of Study Group 16
10-07-2023 To 21-07-2023
Proposed modifications to draft new recommendation ITU-T F.DBDA "Technical requirements and evaluation methods of AI-based driver behaviour detection application" 5/16 Rajmohan Meena

NWG-16-2023-0003 23-05-2023 Meeting of Study Group 16
10-07-2023 To 21-07-2023
Proposed modifications on draft new recommendation ITU-T F.AI-SF "Requirements for smart factory based on artificial intelligence" 5/16 Rajmohan Meena

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