The erstwhile Telecom Certification (TC) and Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) Divisions have been merged in to the MTCTE Division.

Work Responsibilities (pertaining to TC Division) 

1. Policy Aspects of MTCTE.

  • Review of MTCTE Procedure.
  • Consultation with stakeholders.
  • Preparation of Proposals for launch of different phases of MTCTE after analysing quantum of load of Applications and review of testing infrastructure in the country.
  • Review of extension of test results/test reports from ILAC accredited test labs as per requirement.
  • Resolution of critical issues and challenges in MTCTE implementation through the Empowered Committee.
  • Inputs to C-DoT on MTCTE portal development. MTCTE Portal for development for online administration of MTCTE scheme.
  • Manpower planning / proposal for staff requirement for launch of subsequent Phases of MTCTE.

2. Operational Aspects of MTCTE.

  • Finalization of Essential Requirements (ERs) for various products in coordination with core division.
  • Coordination with NIC for Cloud resources for MTCTE portal.
  • Coordination with C-DoT on MTCTE portal development issues.
  • Coordination with Customs CBIC (Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs) for import restrictions for items covered under MTCTE regime.
  • Performing different roles for online disposal of applications by OEMs of product certifications under MTCTE scheme and issue of online MTCTE Certificate.

3. Management of TBT Enquiry Point.

  • Dissemination of WTO TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade) Notifications of member countries to various stakeholders in India and submitting a consolidated response.
  • Notifying our ERs/Technical Regulations to Member countries.
  • Responding to WTO Member Countries Specific Trade Concerns (STCs) on MTCTE regime through Department of Commerce (DoC).

4. Other Coordination Activities for MTCTE.

  • Coordination work with Department of Commerce (DoC) for inputs on “Notifying Technical Regulation for filling up regulatory gap in India”.

Other Activities

  • Development of an online portal for administration for MTCTE.
  • Finalization of Essential Requirements (ERs) for telecom products.
  • Consultation with stakeholders like Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, Traders and Testing Laboratories.
  • Regular interaction with stakeholders including stakeholders meets etc.
  • Administration of MTCTE procedure with effect from April 2018 when the procedure becomes operative.
  • Preparation of monthly statement regarding certificate issued by TEC, sale of documents and fee collected etc.
  • Issue of MTCTE certificates & maintenance of its record and updating on TEC website thereof.


Work Responsibilities (pertaining to MRA Division)

MRA Division has been appointed as the Designating Authority (DA) on behalf of DoT for Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs)/ Certification Bodies (CBs)located in India to perform testing and certification of Telecom Products/ Equipment. It is vested with the responsibility for designating Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) under the scheme for designating Domestic CABs and CBs for Conformity assessment and certification of Telecom equipment and recognition of Foreign CABs/ CBs for implementation of Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE).MRA Division mainly deals with:

1. Development of Ecosystem for seamless implementation of Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE) in accordance with National Digital Communication Policy (NDCP).

  • Designation of Domestic Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs)/ Certification Bodies (CBs) and their Renewal/ Suspension/ Withdrawal thereof.
  • Entering into Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) with other countries & & Recognition of Foreign CABs/ CBs.

2. Review and modification of Policy, Rules and Procedures for Designation of Domestic and Recognition of Foreign CABs/ CBs for ease of implementation of MTCTE.

3. Coordination with various Stakeholders for smooth implementation of MTCTE [Government Bodies/ Institutions like BIS/ NABL/ ITI/ CDOT and Divisions of TEC/ DoT].

4. Assessment of the capacity, Turn Around Time (TAT) and monthly throughput of CABs designated for testing of products against various Standards/ Specifications.

5. Implementation of Global Testing Practices with regard to Conformance and Interoperability.

6. Formulation of Surveillance Policy for Domestic/ Foreign CABs/ CBs.

7. Monitoring of progress, timely resolution of the reported issues and generation of MIS Reports in respect of implementation of MTCTE.

Other Activities

1. Provide inputs for Annual Action Plan, ISO 9001-2015 Audit, MIS Reports, RTI, PG/ Court cases, Budget/ Audit, Minister/ VIP cases, Parliament Questions/ Committees etc.

To qualify for designation/ recognition, the CABs/ CBs must fulfill the criteria as given in the scheme at clause no. 9.

  • Scheme for Designating Domestic Testing and Certification Bodies for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunication Equipment (Issue 2- December 2017) (Amendment No.1, 18th June, 2018) (Amendment No.2, Ist November, 2018) (Amendment No.3,18th Jul,2019).
  • Scheme for Recognising Foreign Testing and Certification Bodies for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunication Equipment (Issue 2- December 2017).

At present India has Mutual Recognition Agreement or Arrangement (MRA) with Singapore in Telecom Sector. IDA Singapore has scheme for recognition of CAB / CBs which gives details of their Telecom Specifications and Test Procedure. Details about Singapore on Telecom sector is available at Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), Singapore.

  • List of documents required against Legal Identity & address proof w.r.t. Annexure -1 of scheme.
  • UNDERTAKING [To be submitted by the applicant with the CAB application].
  • UNDERTAKING [Undertaking format submitted by Govt. bodies for NON NABL].
  • Click here for payment for CAB through NTRP (online).
  • Guidelines for payment to TEC for designation of Conformity Assessment Body (CABs).
  • List of the Domestic Designated CABs.
  • List of Domestic CABs whose designation withdrawn.